Am I the right Songwriting Coach for you?

Are you a beginner, a little shy but have always wanted to learn how to write a song and possibly perform them?

Are you already a professional, but want some fresh perspective on song form and literary devices?

Are you a songwriter stuck in a bit of a creative rut?

Are you interested in analyzing your favorite songs to see how you can implement similar songwriting techniques?

Are you (or the person you are teacher-shopping for) a younger student, just starting out on the path of songwriting?

Are you in a band where you write the songs or would like to help write the songs for the group, and want a little boot-camp?

Are you a singer-songwriter or songwriter, usually accompanying yourself, needing a little guidance, improvement, or feedback with/on your songwriting?

Are you a sensitive soul who needs a supportive, friendly coach?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we would probably be a great fit!


I may not be a good coach for:

A seasoned professional who has already had many years of serious study.

A younger student seeking a strict and rigorous classical or music theatre private music education for composition.


So now what?

If you are interested in scheduling a first session, select a time slot and location that works for you from the Music Lesson: Diagnostic listing.

Our first session will be a one-hour evaluation, which will allow us to feel each other out without making a big commitment. At the end of our first meeting, we will discuss your needs and schedule and you will be able to decide if you would like to continue with further sessions. After the first session, lessons must be purchased in "packs" of two or four, and must be redeemed within two months of purchase. We will discuss which might be right for you at the time of scheduling.

If you have further questions, please review the Instruction Services FAQ.