Lex Land Appointment Cancellations, Reschedules, and Refunds

Cancellations: Payment is captured upon booking of appointment. Rescheduling is permissible as long as change is made earlier than three days (72 hours) before initial booking. Rescheduling efforts with less than 3 days' notice are considered as a cancellation-without-notice, and no refunds will be made.

Cancelled sessions will be refunded only 70% if cancellation is made with more than 72 hours' notice. (The remaining 30% would be considered a "booking deposit.") Cancellations with less than 72 hours' notice will not be refunded any amount, and will result in session forfeit. Please be certain of your appointment time and date before booking. 

If I must reschedule or cancel for any reason, we will reschedule at no penalty to you (and your redemption window extended, see below*), or I will refund the total amount of your lesson, respectively. I reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the appointment at any time leading up to the appointment.

You will receive email confirmations and appointment reminder emails leading up to your appointment or class.

Late cancellations and no-shows prevent other students from getting their preferred time slots, and prevent group attendees from getting spaces in class (or even just missing out on your beautiful presence in class)! 

This policy is in place to protect everyone's time and effort, as well as incentivize you to stand by your commitment to your private study. You'll find that I will encourage you to invest in yourself and persevere through rough patches, and this policy reflects that. 

*All lessons must be redeemed within a two-month time window from purchase


You may redeem a 2-lesson package as two weekly lessons, two monthly lessons, or semi-weekly for one month.

You may redeem a 4-lesson package as 4 weekly lessons, or semi-weekly for two months. 

You can choose how they are spaced out. You can schedule your four-pack as two lessons weekly right away, and then semi-weekly after that, for instance. I do recommend at least monthly sessions, but, if you are serious about improvement, I advise no longer than two weeks in between sessions. 

For rescheduling single consultations and diagnostic sessions, rescheduling(/cancellation) rules apply, but the new appointment must be booked at time of postponement of original booking. If single sessions are rescheduled, they must still occur within two months from initial purchase.

For rescheduling a lesson in a lesson-pack, rescheduling(/cancellation) rules apply, but the new appointment must be booked at time of postponement of original booking for that lesson. The reschedule must still take place within the two-month window from your original purchase date.

If you do not redeem your single consultation or session reschedules (or lessons in a purchased lesson pack) before the two-month window has lapsed, you forfeit those lessons. You will not be refunded any amount.

Should you purchase a multi-lesson package, but desire to cancel a lesson, you will not be refunded any amount unless cancellation is made before your first session of the purchased package- at which point standard cancellation policy applies (70% refund of package with 72 hours' notice). Students may not purchase a 4-lesson package, take two lessons, and then cancel the last two lessons. Please only book lessons that you feel certain you will redeem. Though I will do my best to send reminders and notifications where applicable, it is ultimately your responsibility to schedule or reschedule your lessons, and if you fail to do this within the two-month window, you will forfeit your sessions. 

Visit the standalone booker at any time to view my availability and book an appointment where applicable.  Time slots will not be reserved until payment has been completed, so only use this date picker when advised.  

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