Were My Sweetheart to Go... - Full Album by Lex Land

Were My Sweetheart to Go... - Full Album by Lex Land

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From heavy-hitting rock grooves to somber ballads, Sweetheart makes the perfect soundtrack for the scorned lover in all of us.

Austin, TX Singer-Songwriter LEX LAND has long grappled with the challenge of creating palatable tunes while drawing from her vastly different musical influences. After receiving critical acclaim for her folkier debut, Orange Days on Lemon Street, the artist felt tasked to imbue her sophomore effort with even more versatility, vulnerability, and authenticity. This sophomore album skews heavy, aggressive, and jazzy, with beat-driven, vibey grooves.

“Were My Sweetheart to Go…” challenges boundaries with genre-hopping, more electrified and more aggressive songs than her debut. The emotional territory goes a little deeper for Round Two – lyrically it’s a little more raw and a little more real.

With several songs from this album featured on television shows such as One Tree Hill and Bones, Lex has acquired die-hard fans with her unusual approach to songwriting and her sometimes brutal honesty. Love and losing love can sometimes be icky, and these songs refuse to leave that part out. Whether you are happily hitched, enjoying the single life, or healing from the deterioration of an imperfect match, “Were My Sweetheart to Go…” has a little something for you.


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